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12 Mar

Weaving the Light 2014

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Once again this year we will present our immensely successful ‘Weaving the Light’ Workshop. Join us for instruction about simple Energy tools formulated to de-stress us at any moment and in any situation, Physical & Emotional Nutrition, Meditation, Empathic Communication & the Joy of Movement through BioDanza.

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10 Mar

Welcome to Agistri island

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We are the independent online Agistri island Tourist Guide. On our website you will find lots images and information about this small green Saronic island. Agistri (Angistri, Agkistri, Αγκίστρι) is located 55 minutes from Piraeus the main port of Athens and only 10 minutes from Aegina island.

23 Jan

Agistri history

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By the archaeologist Iphigenia Deloulakou

Agistri’s forgotten antiquities

Fotis Sarris, the painter, spent many years on Agistri and was fascinated by its history, told the archaeologist Iphigenia Dekoulakou about some of its ancient sites. A few years later what the archaeologist discovered was presented for the first time at the “First International Conference on the History and Archaeology of the Argosaronic Gulf” which took place in Poros in 1998.

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09 Jan

Greek wedding –
10 Reasons to get married on Agistri

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Agistri island, where stunning sceneries create the perfect setting for your Greek wedding.

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04 Nov

Christmas Traditions in Greece

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According to the head of the Athens-Attica Hotels Association, Greece may draw a record number of more than 17 million tourists in 2013 as fear of a euro exit dissipates and a decrease in strikes helps the country’s image abroad. Another reason why many people are drawn to Greece is because of its breathtaking scenery and magnificent attractions including the Parthenon and the Acropolis of Athens.

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03 Nov

Spring in Agistri

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From the poetic collection by G.K.Y. – ‘The Archipelagaka” (1988)

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20 Aug

Agistri video by

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We proudly present our new Agistri video. In the above video we let you discover Agistri – the Greek Saronic island within 3 minutes and 13 seconds. Agistri island is located 1 hour from Piraeus and only 10 minutes from its neighbouring island Aegina. It is a lovely green Saronic island with amazingly clear blue waters.

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09 Jul

Live music nights at Yialos Taverna

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Yialos ‎Taverna, located on the road between Skala and Milos, wants to welcome you with delicious home cooked food, local drinks.

Live ‎Greek ‎music every Friday & Saturday!
Evening start at 20:30.
Telephone: 22970 – 91345

29 Jun

Weaving the light workshop October 2013

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Tracy Seed and Deva Nidhi present
Weaving the Light Workshop
Threads of Awareness ~ Connection & Communication ~ Integration & Celebration

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14 Jun

βιωματικό σεμινάριο 1ος κύκλος

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Συντονισμός στα 5 στοιχεία-Ενεργοποιώντας το Φωτεινό Σώμα
Εναρμόνιση στους κύκλους της Φύσης
βιωματικό σεμινάριο 1ος κύκλος στο ΑΓΚΙΣΤΡΙ 6-7 ΙΟΥΛΙΟΥ 2013

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