Gratitude – workshop at Rosy’s Little Village

Gratitude – workshop at Rosy’s Little Village

Gratitude 2016 – the key to dissolving stress
Learn, play, move & have fun – using the energy of Gratitude as a healer

Gratitude is the key to changing our lives around. When we live in this energetic vibration, all aspects of our existence change into positive, useful experiences – reflections of the difference in our perspective. Focusing on our blessings, instead of our stresses, creates an energy field which attracts more of the same. Let us learn to be thankful for all of life’s lessons and find the hidden gift of personal growth & expansion in all that we encounter.

In this workshop we will learn to release Stress through the practice of Gratitude

  • Understanding Energy
  • Using simple tools for raising your vibration, creating less emotional & physical tension – improving Health & Wellbeing
  • Emotional & physical Nutrition for vibrant Health
  • Focus – Move – Gratitude & the Joy of Movement – to Express, Heal & achieve Awareness
  • Empathy – learn to listen through the Heart, manifesting Compassion for yourself & others

Dates: saturday 8 – sunday 9 October 2016
Location: Rosy’s Little Village
Teacher: Nidhideva