Important information for all visitors to Agistri – July 2015


Credit cards

It is a legal requirement for all hotel, restaurant, taverna etc., proprietors, with the facility, to ACCEPT credit card payments from customers.

Any who refuse to do so are acting illegally.

You may therefore choose to give them your business and pay in cash, or move to another establishment which is acting within lawful guidelines.

SAFETY FIRST – ask about payment options before you decide where to go, at info kiosk is a list with all the business at the island accept card.


Holidaymakers from countries other than Greece have been advised to bring cash due to the economic difficulties we are currently having. But, if you need cash, you can access it.

Withdrawal from ATMs is still available and cards issued outside Greece should not be limited to 60 Euros per day.
This only applies to Greek nationals.

If the Agistri ATM is not kept re-filled by the bank, there are a number of banks in Aegina town where services will be much better.

The Agistri Business Association has negotiated discount-price return tickets to Aegina, with the Agistri Express, for any of our holidaymakers who need to access an ATM to obtain cash.

These special tickets are available from the Information Kiosk at Scala port.

We highly value your patronage and aim to provide all the support you need for memorable holiday in Agistri information:+30 22970 91608, +30 6974060932 & +30 6974811100

Issued by the Agistri Business Association, July 2015.