Let’s cook vegan – workshop at Rosy’s Little Village

Let’s cook vegan – workshop at Rosy’s Little Village

This workshop is an exciting combination of an exquisitely relaxing & rejuvenating location and Green Nutrition cooking classes. Not just any type of cooking class – there are so many to choose from; but a uniquely structured format of nutritional information & instruction on how to create & prepare healthy, delicious food.


Food is our medicine!
Many ailments, inflammation and disruptive mood patterns can be corrected with a well-balanced, life-enhancing diet.

  • Through the modality of kinesiology, we learn to use our own body as an energetic measuring device. This knowledge enables us to correctly choose the requirements of our own organism at any time. Each individual’s nature knows what is needed for balance.
  • Instruction on the use of pure, non-toxic, organic products which are available for us from Nature’s Pharmacy.
  • Each daily class has a deliciously crafted menu which we will prepare together and later we will enjoy dining on the fruits of our creativity!
  • Recipe print-outs of all the menus will be given to each participant.
  • Green Smoothies, Starters, Salads, Main Courses & Desserts will be part of the daily fare.
  • Come & share the experience of cooking & preparing produce from Kuki’s Organic Garden at Rosy’s Little Village.
  • Everything is grown with plenty of Greek sunshine & much LOVE ! Our outdoor kitchen overlooks the sea, islands floating in the distance, sun shining, the scent of fragrant herbs……what could be better?

Dates: 7 – 10 May 201 2016
Location: Rosy’s Little Village
Teacher: Nidhideva