Spring in Agistri

From the poetic collection by G.K.Y. – ‘The Archipelagaka” (1988)

When you get to Agistri
spring it will be and touched you will feel
because the beauty you lost will be there
the one the building grounds of Attica have spread in the air

Wild flowers and graceful grass will be joining
the daffodils will be lying under the shade of the pine-trees
the anemones and the daisies will be alternating
and the wild harebells in their festival costumes will be.

You then, going down from Skliri and Metochi to Skala
wide open your big eyes will keep
because against this revolutionary nature
you’ll only remember the Athenian chaos indeed

When, then, you reach the peaceful Limenaria
and the cocks’s singing your ears catch
let yourself enjoy the pine-trees’ aria
and your body and mind the holy touch.

And while on your way home on ‘Manaras’ or ‘Moschos’
fill up your breast with the pine-tree odour and the sea breeze
and knowing how rare such places are today, say
‘My dear Agistri, my love for you eternally will live’.

Published in “Anghistri of Saronicos”
One upon a time and today …. (1998)