The Top Travel Destinations in Greece

Greece is a beautiful country, with thousands of islands for visitors to discover and explore – of which Agistri is one. If you come to Agistri as either one of your many stops on a Greek tour, or as a base for exploring the surrounding areas, you can see these top destinations to discover the best of Greece.


The capital city has so many iconic attractions that even those that have never been to Greece know of their importance in ancient Greek history. These sites include the Acropolis, which is crowned by the Parthenon; the temple that has dominated the Athean skyline since the 5th Century BC.

Once you’ve taken in some of the historical sites, you can enjoy the peace of the National Gardens. It’s a bit of tranquility to savour (and maybe a picnic) in the centre of the city.

There’s also the Monastiraki area of the old part of Athens, which is recommended by Mr Hudson Gay Travel. It’s a bustling area of the city famed for its shopping.


The first thing that strikes you about the island are the white-washed buildings which define traditional Greece for many tourists. Mykonos has a great, relaxing feel to it, and there any many ways you can recharge while you find out more about the area.

The windmills of Mykonos are dotted around the island, and were originally used to grind corn. All of the remaining structures face north to harness the power of the prevailing wind on the island. There are also miles of beautiful beaches on which you can sit and watch the world go by.


You know that picture of the stunning blue-domed Greek church building? There are many of these in Santorini, and they are one of the biggest draws for visitors to the island.

You can go to the church sites that have become famous from these photographs, and look at them in awe for their architecture and design. There are other attractions too; Santorini is also known for its cuisine, and it’s the previous volcanic activity in the area that gives these islands their stunning appearance.


Rhodes is the fourth largest Greek island. It is also home to the largest medieval city in Europe, leading to it being declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage City for its cultural significance.

As well as the history, there are plenty of other significant nature sites to visit. These include Butterfly Valley and Rodini Park, both of which offer some quiet and time away from the crowds.


Tucked away in the north of Greece, this island is a popular holiday destination over Easter because of its world-famous celebrations of this event. The parades, ever-present music and beautiful flowers in bloom make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The scenery is also something to be taken in, along with many local delicacies to try out along the way. These can include dishes such as bourou-bourou (vegetable and pasta soup) and sykomaïtha (spiced fig cakes).