Weaving the light workshop October 2013

Tracy Seed and Deva Nidhi present
Weaving the Light Workshop
Threads of Awareness ~ Connection & Communication ~ Integration & Celebration

A 3 day residential programme – at Rosy’s Little Village – for profound realisation of ourselves with an optional extension of three days for living the practice, personal therapy options, group movement  and dance sessions.

Using Gratitude as the key, we find the way to replace Fear with Trust, dissolve Lack with Abundance, & transform Despondence with Hope. We will explore the world of Energy and learn how to achieve balance through Awareness & Connection to our inner wisdom. As we weave a harmonious tapestry unique to each of us, we also manifest a reflection of the same in the world around us – Inner & Outer Light.

Combining the use of various tools to create more Awareness and the Joy of Movement to express our feelings more clearly & deeply, we employ an easy and informal structure during the workshop. Our intention is to develop a practice that will empower us to live a
more fulfilling and happy life.

This retreat workshop offers classes in which we will learn the basic energy exercises for balancing our physical & emotional bodies, personal expression through movement & dance, meditation, sharing and the practice of being in the present moment. We depart with knowledge of kinesiology, nutrition, a personal understanding of our own body and how better to listen to & recognise the language it speaks to us. We are therefore able to achieve better health, a more relaxed life style and create more awareness of stabilising ourselves within our busy world. Beautiful Agistri & Rosy’s Little Village offers us the perfect environment for relaxation, revelation and a fun filled informative time.

11-12-13 October 2013
Residential Programme- Retreat Workshop

14-15-16 October 2013
Extension – Living the Practice

Rosy’s Little Village, Agistri Island, Greece